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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Couch potato

Is your child a couch potato? This means that they often sit on the sofa watching television and love munching snacks and sweets. Typical couch potatoes hardly move and like eating as well – which obviously doesn’t do anything for their muscles and bones. This can affect their health in the long term. Also, the needle on the scales will keep going higher. We show how to turn your child

The right sport for my child

Does your child have their heart set on learning a particular sport? Check together whether this sport will match their interests. There is a form of exercise for every ability level and temperament. Whether it’s swimming, tennis, football, hockey or ballet – almost every kind of sport is healthy and keeps you fit. Help your child to find the right one. It’s important that your child finds it fun so

Gentle Exercises

You’re back home again. You’re happy, but maybe not physically fit. That’s perfectly normal, since your body has gone through significant changes during pregnancy and has worked very hard during the birth of your baby. Gentle exercise After giving birth, speak to your doctor about gentle exercises like walking and pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Giving your muscles a gentle work out at this stage will help tone your body and

Benefits of Physical Activity – Staying In Shape

Regular physical activity can help keep us physically and mentally fit, as well as healthy and happy. It also plays a vital role in keeping our weight under control. Daily life is full of opportunities for putting our energy to good use, so why not take advantage of it. Reshaping your figure Regular physical activity is an important part of any weight loss plan. The best type of activities for

Energy Levels – Questions and Answers

Q: I am a 30-year-old female. I exercise twice a day – a combination of aerobics and running. I eat three good meals a day but find I am constantly tired. What can I eat to improve my energy levels? A: There are a number of factors which contribute to fatigue and tiredness. The first thing to consider is your carbohydrate intake. An inadequate carbohydrate intake will contribute to fatigue.

Making You Matter

Looking after yourself not only makes you healthier and happier, it enables you to better nurture the people around you. Do you often limp towards the end of the week looking forward to some rest and relaxation, only to groan when the alarm goes off Monday morning because you had such a busy weekend? Maybe you were running the kids around, doing overtime, or catching up on domestic chores. In

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