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Too much Sugar

Know your sugars Are you eating sugary and buttery biscuits by the roll while guzzling down cans of sugary beverages and juices? Surprised at the mention of fruit juices? Guess what? During the manufacturing process, fruit juices are stripped of all the fibre, and so are not as beneficial as fresh fruit. Most people eat sugar throughout the day without even realizing it because sugar is added to foods that

Healthy Eating at the Workplace

The adage ‘you are what you eat’ arguably holds greater relevance than ever before. Obesity and lifestyle related diseases are on the rise, much of which is attributable to poor dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle. It is possible to turn things around. All it takes is a little effort and forethought. You can start today by addressing your eating habits in the workplace. It can be easy to fall

Getting back on track after the festive season

It’s that time of the year when you admit to yourself that you haven’t exactly been following your usual eating patterns or exercising as much as you had hoped to over the festive period. But you’re human, and we are all bound to fall off the proverbial wagon every once in a while, but it’s how we get back on that actually counts. Trying to regain focus and structure in

Road Trip Snacks

Putting together some great family snacks “padkos” for a road trip takes a little effort and planning before heading to your holiday destination of choice this festive season. Having food readily available on your trip, not only saves you time and money in the long run, but it also eliminates irregular eating times and creates nostalgic family traditions. Below, are a few simple padkos ideas and tips for your upcoming

Keep it fresh and simple these holidays

If you love purchasing fresh ingredients to include into your day-to-day cooking regime, then you most likely know that a lot of it can often go to waste, not because we mean to, but because the uncertainty of life takes over – work runs late, we get invited out to dinner or we end up eating cereal instead of the roasted chicken and vegetables we had originally planned to make.

Eating with purpose

Have you ever been unable to remember what or when you ate last? It may well be that you were eating mindlessly. In today’s fast-paced, ‘always-on’ world, such behaviour is not uncommon. As is the case with most things in life, it’s important to try and be mindful when eating. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Mindfulness promotes balance, choice, wisdom and