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Back to Basics – Healthy Eating

Do you feel that you want to eat healthily but you don’t know how to start? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Just stick to these basic tips to enjoy all the benefits of healthy eating. Back to Basics - Healthy Eating

Take time to chew

Enjoy the maximum taste of every mouthful while minimising the strain on your digestive system.

Don’t overeat

Eat slowly and you’ll become more aware of how much food is going into your tummy. Stop eating before you are full. Resist second or third helpings even if there is plenty more food available!

Have a hearty breakfast

Running short on time in the mornings? It’s no reason to skip breakfast. After a long night’s rest, breakfast replenishes the energy and nutrients needed to start the day, so wake up 10 minutes earlier to make time for breakfast. MILO FUZE is jam-packed with the MILO taste you love and nutrients your body needs. It is the easy and convenient way to start your day. Back to Basics - Healthy Eating

Take more milk

It’s good for kids and adults, too! So, drink it every day. Add it to your cereals and beverages. Use it to whip up nutritious milkshakes, smoothies or whatever your creativity inspires. Milk for everyone! EVERYDAY Milk Powder is formulated with essential nutrients and vitamins, yet tasty for the whole family to enjoy. For young children, NESPRAY Growing Up Milk with ActiveProtection contains prebiotics and probiotics that will help maintain their digestive system. For adults, there is NESVITA OMEGA PLUS with ACTICOL – the only milk enriched with plant sterols – that has been proven to effectively reduce your cholesterol (LDL) by 7% in 30 days*. *Thomsen AB et al. Eur J Clin Nutr 2004, 58:860-870 Back to Basics - Healthy Eating

Go less sweet!

Watch out for foods that are loaded with hidden sugar, e.g. cakes and doughnuts. Ask for kurang manis when ordering your favourite drinks. MILO UHT is less sweet! Enjoy the same rich and chocolatey taste with the goodness of PROTOMALT and ACTIGEN-E which enhances energy release, minus the sugar worries! So there you have it – the six healthy eating basics are so easy, so start practicing them today!