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Bonding over Baking

Bonding over Baking

Calling all Cookie Lovers!!

If you’re looking for an easy way to spend more time with family and friends, look no further than your own kitchen. No fancy equipment or expensive memberships are required, just a few simple ingredients, a mixing bowl and a spoon – cookie baking is about as simple as it gets!

Here are some easy baking activities you can enjoy with family and friends. Just print off a copy of our NESTLÉ SMARTIES Cookies recipe or one of our other delicious recipes and get ready to…beat, bake and be merry!!

Bonding over Baking

Cookie Baking with Kids

Baking cookies with kids can take an ordinary afternoon and make it extraordinary. It is an opportunity to share time, create delicious results and build memories that will last a lifetime. Baking is also a great time to teach kids important life skills. You can talk about math and fractions when you measure your flour or sugar and food safety as you prepare and assemble your ingredients. We all crave ways to spend time together – next time you’re baking a batch of cookies to send to school invite your kids into the kitchen to help with the task – you’ll be amazed how much fun you have.

Cookie Design Contest

Grab your kids, and maybe a few of their friends and spend an afternoon decorating chocolate chip cookies. Set out bowls with different edible decorations – NESTLÉ SMARTIES , coloured sprinkles, marshmallows, coloured icings, gummy candies, chopped up candy bars – in fact, you can use any candy that sparks creativity. Encourage your kids to be imaginative and create their own cookie masterpieces. When you are finished decorating have a contest to see who has the winning design. But remember, everyone is a winner when it comes to cookie decorating because everyone wins the same delicious prize!!