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Counting calories for a great figure

Low-calorie food plus exercise – this is the magic formula during a diet – and afterwards too. Only when the body takes in more calories than it needs will it begin to store fat. Use the Nutrition Pyramid as a guide to the right portion sizes and the right proportions of food groups. If you also watch fat and calorie content, you will stay in shape.

Counting calories for a great figure

Fruit and vegetables – five a day

Fruit and vegetables are always a great choice, as the delicious fruits of nature mainly consist of water and are usually quite low in calories. They also contain many vital vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals. Nutrition specialists and doctors recommend eating at least three portions of vegetables (around 400g) and at least two portions of fruit (around 250g) a day. Each portion is around as big as your hand: cabbage, apples, oranges, etc. fit in one hand, two hands cupped together hold salads, finely chopped vegetables and berries. Fruit and vegetables are low in calories and delicious. People who want or need to watch their weight should, however, be cautious about how much fruit they eat, as fruit also contains energy in the form of fructose. There are also high-calorie exceptions among the vegetables: Avocados and olives. They are very healthy – particularly because they contain many valuable fatty acids – but contain a high level of fat and therefore plenty of calories. These should therefore only be enjoyed occasionally. Counting calories for a great figure

Cut calories with milk and meat.

When choosing milk, yoghurt, quark and cheese, look out for the many low-fat options which you can enjoy every day. Look at the fat content in dry mass when buying semi-hard, melting and soft cheese. This should be less than 30 percent. When choosing other low-fat dairy products, our table may be of some help. Meat contains high-quality protein and other vital nutrients. However, it can also be high in fat and calories. Our tips:

  • Cut away visible rinds of fat.
  • Go for fillets and other low-fat cuts of meat.
  • When it comes to sausages, choose low-fat varieties such as roast beef, German corned beef, poultry sausages, e.g. HERTA Finesse Putenbrust, smoked pork chop, cooked ham and roasted sliced meat.