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Exercise keeps you fit and slim

With adequate exercise and the right diet, maintaining the right weight is something anyone can do. Get out of your armchair and do something for your body. Exercise tones the body, and keeps it young, full of energy and healthy. With a bit of exercise every day, and taking part in some sport, it is easy to cheat the weighing scales.

Exercise keeps you fit and slim

Positive attitude and tricks in the daily routine

If you have lost weight before, you already know that training for an hour every day is unrealistic. Set yourself concrete and achievable goals. If you set smaller goals, you will taste success quicker. More exercise in your daily routine is the easiest way to start. Try to exercise more every day for 14 days in a row:

  • walk (or cycle) to work,
  • run small errands on foot or walk to the shops,
  • use the stairs more frequently,
  • work up a sweat by gardening or taking short brisk walks.

This way, you can start off in easy steps and build up a basic level of fitness. Keep to this everyday fitness programme. Now add a bit of sport to the mix. The important thing is to enjoy sport. Are you a fresh air fiend or do you prefer a roof over your head? Listen to your inner voice.

Out in the fresh air or at home?

Exercise keeps you fit and slim Are you a nature lover? When you take part in sport, do you prefer to be outside in the fresh air? Possible options for you are walking, hiking, inline skating, swimming, aqua gymnastics or cycling. You can do a quick change into your sports gear straight after work and off you go. You can be on your own, if you like; or, with a friend or partner, if you prefer to train in company. Training with someone else might also give you added incentive. Do you prefer not to be watched when doing sport? Then keep active at home. A stepper machine, exercise bike, trampoline or skipping rope improves stamina and fitness and burns off a lot of calories. You can even listen to your favourite music, read or watch TV. They all help you to keep going.

In company and whatever the weather

Are you one of those people who needs company when taking part in sport and prefers to be indoors? Your best bet is to train in a health club if the expense doesn’t put you off. You can train here whatever the weather and with like-minded people. You can also train under professional supervision – with precise goals and interim steps. Alongside endurance equipment such as bicycles, rowing machines and treadmills, good health clubs also provide an extensive range of fitness classes. Team sports such as football, handball, tennis, squash and badminton can also be played indoors of course. This improves not only your stamina but also your dexterity and coordination