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Five tips to combat eating out of boredom

If you are bored, do you look at what is in the fridge? You are in good company. According to a survey by DAK, nearly one quarter of the respondents eat out of boredom and not because they are hungry. Such behaviour can make itself noticeable on the scales in the long run. Do not allow yourself to do this, but change your habits. Our tips will help you.

Five tips to combat eating out of boredom

Tip 1: Ask yourself questions

If you keep a diary about your eating habits for a few days, you will quickly find out whether you frequently reach for something to eat out of boredom. Ask yourself follow-up questions. The answers to these are a good basis for changing your behaviour.

  • Was I bored today?
  • In what situation did boredom arise and why?
  • Did I eat something in this situation?
  • Did I absolutely need to eat something in this situation?
  • Was there maybe another way I could have dispelled the boredom?
  • What options could have been available in this situation?
  • Would I feel better if I had eaten nothing and instead had done something else to dispel the boredom?

Tip 2: Write a feel-good list

We have often already learned this in childhood. We comfort and reward ourselves with food and thus dispel anger and boredom. You can re-learn, even if this behaviour has been solidified in your adulthood. Think about alternatives. Make a list of activities that you enjoy doing: is it a going for a walk, a shopping spree, listening to music, meeting friends? Get involved in a club or association or connect with friends, ideally for activities that get you moving. Try out new types of sports. How about rope skipping? Rope skipping uses a lot of calories and can help you achieve your feel-good weight. Please also read our article “Rope Skipping: getting fit with the skipping rope”. Do not forget to hydrate adequately when performing sports activities. Water, such as Nestlé PURE LIFE, is a calorie-free thirst quencher. We should consume at least 1.5 – 2 litres of liquid per day in the form of drinks. In hot weather and when doing sports that make you sweat, the recommended fluid intake can more than double. The more often you perform an activity from your feel-good list when you are bored, the faster the new behaviour will become a routine. You will soon see that eating out of boredom will belong to the past. Five tips to combat eating out of boredom

Tip 3: Fulfil your creative desires

Would you like to paint a picture, play an instrument or write a book? But you don’t know how to apply the brush properly? You have never played music and writing, well, the last writing you did was for essays in school. If you do not try it, you will never discover what talents you have tucked away. There is a wide range of painting, drawing and photography courses available. Music schools are pleased to have new members and sometimes also offer taster courses. The choir is perhaps the right choice for those who like to sing. And whoever would like to be a writer does not need to start out with a novel right away. Simply write down your thoughts or maybe write a short children’s story? Children are always appreciative listeners.

Tip 4: Experience art up close

Are you interested in art and culture? Museum, theatre, philharmonic orchestra, opera or dance – art is just as diverse. There is something for everyone. What do you think of a subscription for municipal theatres? Regularly attend new shows with your friends. This way you always have a topic of conversation and can talk about it – boredom does not emerge as often this way. Five tips to combat eating out of boredom

Eating out of boredom

Eating during idle times can also be a sign of excessive stress. When the body finally comes to rest, it wants balance. The desire for sweets can then be very intense. Relaxation methods such as meditation or yoga can help you to better deal with stress.

Tip 5: Discover the talent of your voice

Do you like to travel? Why not learn a foreign language? If you can speak with locals at your holiday destination in their language, your hosts will be glad and you will get to know the country from a completely different side. Language schools offer courses for beginners and advanced students. It is also an opportunity to make new contacts. Of course, you can also teach yourself languages. There is now very good material available for reading, listening, watching and participating. CDs with accompanying books, audio language courses with music, travel and language guides for the country of your choice, language calendars with exercises, puzzles and applied geography, as well as books with expressions and words for any travel situation – you can draw from a rich pool.