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Fruit as part of a child’s diet

Fruit as part of a child’s diet Kids like fruit much more than vegetables. One reason they don’t eat that much of it is that there is always something that they don’t like – children won’t cut themselves a slice of melon, they don’t like to eat unpeeled apples, they don’t like gnawing the flesh around peach stones, and spitting out cherry stones is just so time-consuming!Fruit (except for citrus fruits) should appear in a child’s diet in the form of juices and fruit purees from the age of six months. One or two bowls of fruit a day is ideal for children up to eight years old. If children are to learn to like fruit, they must get used to it. So add it to their snacks, mix it into yogurt and cereals, prepare juices, salads, cut it, arrange it, peel it and serve it up.Kids enjoy something tasty and fruit can make great treats. Add fruit to ice cream and think up simple fruit recipes that kids can make themselves. Freeze sliced banana, strawberries and raspberries and give it to them as a frozen dessert. You can mash the fruit with a little sugar and freeze it. Peel the skin off peaches, pears and apples, slice them and stew them in a little water. Fruit as part of a child’s diet Then add a pinch of cinnamon and you have a terrific dessert. Make tasty little cakes using cream cheese, yogurt, cereals, cereal bars and fruit. All you need to do is store the goodies in a bowl in the fridge. Sandwich cereal bars together with mashed banana, decorate with fruit and pour over thinned cream cheese. You can invent your own treats. It just takes a bit of imagination. Fill plastic boxes with fruit for school lunches or trips. Cut or grate the fruit to make it bite-size. Don’t use ordinary lunch boxes, though. Fruit needs something special to grab the attention, even of their classmates. Get hold of a few boxes with lids – empty margarine or ice cream cartons will do very well. Decorate the boxes according to the latest kids’ trends – using stickers of their favourite movies, TV shows and fairy tale characters, or just hand-paint them.