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Fun healthy breakfast for children

An exciting yet at the same time poignant moment: your child goes to nursery for the first time. And on the way to independence you want to give your child the best. This is also true when it comes to eating and drinking. Both lay the foundation stone for healthy development. Whatever tastes nice, and contributes to keeping your child fit and healthy at the same time, is a good option.

Breakfast: stocking up for the day

Breakfast is our way of stocking up for the day on the energy and fluids we have used during the night. A healthy, balanced breakfast has four components.

  • Grains, in the form of bread or breakfast cereals – carbohydrates and fibre provide energy for longer. Vitamins and minerals are also contained in grains. If you can, opt for wholegrain products.
  • Raw fruit and vegetables– These supplement grains and contain important vitamins, minerals, fibre and secondary plant substances.
  • Milk and dairy products: Nestlé NIDO, with a high-iron and low-protein content, was specially developed for the needs of small children.
  • Drinks– Fruit juices, coffee made from barley malt, herbal and fruit teas are an ideal addition to breakfast in the morning. Children who don’t drink enough quickly suffer from tiredness, a poor memory and, worst of all, headaches.
Refuelling: mid-morning snack

Playing makes children hungry, as they use up energy all the time that they are moving. To stay fit, your child must replenish their body with energy regularly. So that they get all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements they need, ensure that their mid-morning snack consists of healthy foods as far as possible, such as yoghurt, fruit, raw vegetables, wholegrain bread etc. Regardless of whether your child is used to an ample family breakfast or prefers a small breakfast at home, they should always have a mid-morning snack, and especially children who go to nursery. Talk to the people in charge of the nursery to ask what they usually provide.

How to make a healthy breakfast fun for children

Children want to have fun and play while they eat, and it’s a great way of making healthy foods more popular. We have put together some tips for you to make eating a good experience for children. Breakfast: the best start to your child’s day

  • Make the sandwiches served at nursery more interesting, using crisp vegetables such as cucumber, carrots or salad, and with fresh fruit such as grapes, mandarins or strawberries.
  • Boxes within a lunch box: give your child a large lunch box containing lots of small boxes. Each small box contains other yummy treats, like apple pieces, slices of carrot, or a small slice of wholegrain bread spread with HERTA FINESSE, for example.
  • What if your child doesn’t like eating fruit? Try giving them a small piece of NESTLÉ ALETE fruit or maybe a NESTLÉ ALETE fruit bar.