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Good Food Good Life

Our Role in a Healthy Balanced Diet

Good Food Good Life

These four words capture the essence and meaning of what we do, and what we offer to consumers everywhere. Today, as we confront the challenges of changing lifestyle patterns the 21st Century, nutrition is more than ever the key to our company’s future, so much so that it employs over 30 Dietitians to help improve Nutrition in the food industry. We recognise that our business is not just the things we make, but the role those products play in making life better for the people who buy them. We recognise that food and beverages are playing an increasingly important role in people lives – both in terms of personal health, nutrition, sociability and enjoyment. Increasingly, our consumers are receiving benefits from Nestlé products that go beyond taste and convenience. We are now providing much more, integrating added benefits of nutrition, health and wellness. This philosophy serves as the touchstone of our company around the world. So next time your out shopping look out for our wide range of great tasting products including LEAN CUISINE meals, MAGGI meal solutions, NESTLÉ yogurts, PETERS Light & Creamy ice cream, MILO, NESCAFÉ and so much more. Feeling Good! with Nestlé has never been easier.


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Nestlé gets the run-down on LIZ ELLIS – On eating, On feeling good, On fitness motivational tips and more

  She was captain of the Australia Netball team, the Sydney TAB Swifts, to victory in one of the nation’s most popular sports. She’s charmed and entertained us in TV guest spots and sports commentary roles, squeezed in a law degree, a stint as a corporate lawyer and has written a book. In between times, she also loves to cook and eat, preferably with her husband, Matt. Meet Liz Ellis.


“I love risotto, both to cook and to eat. I’ve had quite a bit of practice now, so I tend to make up my own recipes as I go. One of my favourites would have to be seafood with saffron. Once the rice is just about done, I throw in king prawns, mussels, calamari and some fish: either ocean trout or some blue-eye cod. And a bit of chilli is a must. In fact, I put chilli in just about everything – even my pre-match meals! “I really enjoy cooking – just standing there, chopping or stirring, having a glass of wine. It’s a time when I can slow down and relax. And finding the inspiration for what I cook is just as much fun. I have lots of cookbooks and I love food magazines. Over the years I’ve learned what goes with what, and what I like, so I’ll just pick the best of it and cobble it together into something I know will work.??? Our Role in a Healthy Balanced Diet


“Because I’m away from home so much, whenever we’re together I really like to be able to make a great meal we can both enjoy. Matt takes care of the wine and the cleaning up – definitely not my favourite part of the deal. So it works well for both of us. If Matt takes charge of the cooking, it will be his signature dish, spaghetti bolognaise, otherwise it’s a steak on the barbie.???


“As well as cooking, I love reading. I’ll read anything: autobiographies to crime novels and history – you name it.” “I also really enjoy doing crosswords and puzzles – staying in touch with my inner nerd! My idea of indulgence would be a Sunday when I can slow down, maybe sleep in till 10, then read the papers.” “During the season, I’ll have a massage every week, and when we go away, a massage therapist comes with us, so I really make the most of that. “I do also like my treats: it might be some gourmet shopping for things like truffle oil to use in my cooking, or some exotic cheese. I also love a bit of chocolate or ice cream. Because I eat well most of the time, I can reward myself occasionally. It’s all about balance.???


“Again, balance is important. You can’t load yourself up with all work and no play, so you need to factor both in. When I am very busy and feel I can’t fit it all in, I find it helpful to make a list and work through it steadily, crossing off one thing at a time.??? Our Role in a Healthy Balanced Diet


“Being made captain of the Australian Netball Team and leading the girls to victory over New Zealand was great.???


“Eat well, keep fit and, most of all, don’t forget to laugh a lot!???

Liz’s fitness and motivational tips

The fun factor is vital. “I discovered surfing about 18 months ago and I just love it. It’s seriously fun and fantastic for fitness. Matt and I both love golf and it’s a great time for us to enjoy each other’s company and be doing something that’s good for us.???

So, what advice can Liz offer to help you get fit – and stay that way?

  • Take it slowly at first. If you’re just starting out, walking is a great low-impact way to get into shape.
  • Mix up your routine. Boredom is a big motivation killer, so try new things and try to keep it interesting.
  • Figure out what’s fun for you, whether it’s going to the gym, walking, running or exercising solo or in a group. If team sports are your thing, give your local club a call – most have teams of all ages and abilities.
  • Encourage children to decide the type of sport or activity that suits them by helping them explore the options. If one sport or activity doesn’t appeal, try another.
  • Let your kids enjoy it. For parents who want their kids to be more active, be supportive, but take care not to make it a chore or relive your own sporting glory through them.