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How do you prepare tasty game?

Do you like deer, boar, hare or pheasant? Enjoy the aromatic, dark meat of these wild animals. It is rich in nutrients and, with the exception of rabbit meat, relatively low-fat and ranks among the culinary specialities of German cuisine, Delicate game can be prepared in many variations to produce delicious dishes. Although it was once the preserve of the ruling classes, it is now available to everyone.

Autumn is the game season

What species of game are there?

Within furred game, experts distinguish between roe deer, red deer, wild boars and hares or wild rabbit. Roe deer includes the meat from roe bucks or roe deer. Up to the age of 3, adult animals produce tasty and tender game. Male and female stags are classified as red deer. Young red deer up to an age of two years tastes excellent as roast joints, steaks, chops, roulades and medallions. Older animals provide meat that is ideal for casseroles, such as game and pepper casserole. Boars come under the category of wild boar. The meat of the one- to two-year old animals tastes aromatic. Hare, wild rabbit and pheasants are also referred to as small game. The haunches and ridges of these animals are largely used for casseroles.

Game – an alternative for the menu

Aromatic game offers an alternative for a calorie-conscious menu as game has a particular taste and is relatively low in fat and calories. It also contains sizeable quantities of B vitamins, iron, zinc and selenium. The table below lists the fat and calorie contents of various types of game.  

Type of game

Fat in g per 100 g

kcal per 100 g

Roe deer, haunch (drumstick)    
Roe deer, ridge    

Source: Die große GU Nährwert Kalorien Tabelle [The Large GU Nutritional Value-Calorie Chart] 2006/07

Where can you get game?

You can buy aromatic game meat directly from a forest warden or ranger, in a game store or from fallow deer and red deer breeders. However, game is also available in a well stocked supermarket and from select butchers. Autumn is the game season

How do you prepare tasty game?

Game goes well with strong spices and ingredients such as juniper berries, bay leaves, cloves and peppers. So that the meat becomes tender, you can marinade it for up to 3 days prior to cooking. Wine vinegar or lemon juice are ideal. Added to buttermilk or soured milk, the meat takes on a milder taste. The light red meat of young game is good for roasting. Game tastes particularly delicate if it is still slightly pink on the inside after cooking. This is particularly true of the ridge.Give the game dish a delicious hint of flavour with the low-fat MAGGI Meisterklasse 3-Pfeffer Sauce. Good accompaniments to game include red cabbage and potato dumplings. Pears or cranberries are also traditionally eaten with game. How about a corn salad, to go with the fillet of deer? Fruit adds a fruity twist to stag and boar medallions. Boar soup is also tasty and low in calories. Why not try out our recipes? Enjoy your meal!

  • Stag medallions wrapped in paper with thyme-roasted apples
  • Boar soup
  • Boar medallions in wild mushroom and cranberry sauce