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How to shed access pounds

Where do the extra pounds come from? They are created in the long run when you consume more calories with your food than you actually burn. This fact is undisputed among experts. The path to your ideal weight is therefore a calorie-conscious, balanced diet and sufficient exercise.

Healthy Weight

Energy balance and excess weight. Our bodies need

Energy (kilocalories) from food as fuel, just as a car needs petrol. To breathe, to think, for the heart to beat and so that we can move – energy is essential for all of our life processes. Our body weight will remain balanced if our energy consumption matches our energy needs. If the energy consumption is permanently higher, the body weight will slowly increase over time.

We can lose weight if our energy consumption from food is lower than the energy used by our bodily functions and activities. Therefore, on the one hand it is important that we limit the amount of calories that we consume. On the other hand, we can increase calorie use through exercise and sports. Both can help us to lose weight.

In doing so, we should not eat too little, otherwise weight-loss successes are short lived (yo-yo effect) and it is hard to persevere. Also the adequate intake of the nutrients you need isn’t guaranteed. You can read more about the importance of energy balance in the article “Calories – Eat Less, Burn More???

Get rid of fat – what helps you to shed excess pounds?

Proven measures for a great figure

Eating only when necessary and exercising are a good basis for losing weight. Eating only when necessary means that you should only consume as much energy as you need in a day. In order to achieve your personal goals, it is good if you know what, how, when and why you have eaten or drunk anything. Using a diet diary, you can find out what reasons cause you to eat more than is good for you, or when you may reach for the “wrong” food. Write on a regular basis what, when, with whom and why you eat. In successful dieting, it is always recommended to observe your own eating behaviour. If you would like to try a certain diet, you should first consult our diets check to determine whether it is balanced and permanently effective. If the food meets the criteria of the diet check, then there is a good chance that, as part of your diet, it will help you to lose weight successfully and healthily.

It is also important for successful weight loss that you are able to motivate yourself if you get the feeling you can no longer persevere. It will also help you to lose weight if you learn to consciously distinguish between hunger and appetite and listen to your body’s signals to let you know it is full.

More exercise makes you fit and burns calories, everyone knows that now. What happens though if you simply have no desire for sporting activities? You will find more about this and many other suggestions in the article“Ideal weight – Weight loss begins in your head???.

Get rid of fat – what helps you to shed excess pounds?

Muscles help you lose weight

Did you know that your body uses more calories with strong muscles than with weak ones? The reason: The bigger the muscle mass, the higher the basal metabolic rate. This means: Even if you are not moving, your body uses more energy and therefore more calories than with a smaller muscle mass. With some light weight training in the fitness studio, you can strengthen your muscles selectively.

Current “weighty” discoveries

Numerous scientific studies document the fact that hereditary factors affect our body weight. Therefore, the predisposition for a low energy consumption and inactivity is in the genes. Your body’s hormones and certain medications can also increase weight. Experts have also listed other factors that may lead to excess weight. Among others, lack of sleep, warm rooms (26 degrees Celsius and higher), late births and birth weight are mentioned. You can read recommendations relating to this in the article “Factors that impact body weight???