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Ice cream, enjoyment without guilt

It’s a hot sunny day and you fancy a delicious ice cream? Ice cream is refreshing and good for the soul. And, eaten in moderation, it’s a healthy pleasure all things considered, all year round. But not all ice cream is the same – there are lots of different varieties. This delicious and refreshing treat is primarily made of milk, cream, butter and fruit. Those who indulge in a healthy way need not worry about watching their figures.

Ice cream, enjoyment without guilt

Ice cream – for health and wellbeing

The positive effects of ice cream were recognised long ago by the Greek doctor Hippocrates (460-375 BC). He recommended his patients to eat ice cream to invigorate the body and to help increase their sense of wellbeing.

He was right to do so, as this icy delight can be a refreshing and healthy treat. It prevents sweating on a hot day. In contrast, quickly gulping down cold drinks results in increased sweating. And another thing: ice cream provides some vitamins and minerals from the fruit and milk.

Ice cream – indulging while watching your figure

Do you need or want to watch your figure? Not a problem. With ice cream you can enjoy indulging while watching your waistline. The name of the dessert gives you an idea of the fat content and thus the calorie content: ice cream contains more fat and calories. Milk-based ice cream contains relatively little fat and sorbets contain virtually no fat at all. Yoghurt-based ice cream also has little fat and calories. Essentially: ice cream provides double the number of calories as the equivalent amount of sorbet. As a result, fruity refreshments (such as sorbet) are kinder on the figure, so you can enjoy them without a guilty conscience.

Amount Fat (g) Calories (kcal)
Ice cream 75 g
(1 portion)
12.8 165
Dairy ice cream 75 g
(1 portion)
7.5 120
Sorbet 75 g
(1 portion)
Milk-based ice cream 75 g
(1 portion)
2 95

Source: Die große GU Nährwert Kalorien Tabelle (Gräfe and Unzer 2006/07), Nestlé product information

Recipes for ice-cold refreshment

Do you feel like a delicious low-calorie ice cream treat? How about frozen juice on a stick: just fill an ice cream mould with fruit juice and start to freeze, then insert a stick and freeze until solid. The result is a low-calorie treat with an especially high fruit content.