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Losing weight begins in your head

We can change a lot by the power of our thoughts. For example, a strong mind helps our bodies to persevere. Whoever uses the tremendous power of thought can outwit the “inner temptation,” decide between hunger and appetite and focus more on daily activities (not related to food). They also have a great chance of successfully losing weight.

Ideal weight: Weight loss begins in your head

Fight the “inner temptation”

Sometimes the “inner temptation” is stronger than your discipline. Excuses are then quite convenient, such as “It’s cold so now I can’t go jogging. “Or: “That made me really angry. A chocolate bar would do me good now. “If such thoughts are familiar to you, it is good to have motivational aids at hand. You could promise yourself a warm bath and a well-deserved, comfortable evening watching television after you go jogging in the freezing cold. Instead of eating a whole bar of chocolate, a call to your best friend could help you to get over your anger. Make a list of things that can motivate you to personally persevere. Ideal weight: Weight loss begins in your head

The power of thought

When losing weight, programme your thoughts for success and you will be able to overcome motivational lows. You do this, for example, by changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts. So do not think: “I will never be able to do it,” but rather “I will reach my desired weight slowly, step by step???. And not: “I am too fat,” but rather “I will have a good figure in a few months. “Every time a negative thought enters your mind, let it go and think about a positive alternative, which will motivate you immensely.

Shopping using your head

Never go shopping when you are hungry. This gives rise to the risk that you will randomly grab too much figure-unfriendly food. It is best to go shopping after a meal. If that is not possible, have a small snack before you go shopping, such as an apple, banana or low-fat yoghurt. This way you will be able to better resist the temptations in the shop. Make a shopping list beforehand and only buy exactly what is on the list, nothing more, nothing less. From time to time, of course, you may give in to temptation. Ideal weight: Weight loss begins in your head

A slave to your appetite

You know this for certain. You want something sweet or savoury. And just after lunch. Now ask yourself: Am I really hungry, or is it my appetite that is triggering the desire for something to eat? It is likely that it is your appetite. Because you have just eaten. Distract yourself from food. For example, write a letter that you have been meaning to write for a long time. Go for a walk, or call up your friends and arrange to go out with them, for example, on a stroll around the city. You can also listen to your favourite CD or read a book. If you still have a desire for food, bridge the time until the next meal with a piece of fruit, some yoghurt or a glass of fruit juice. Ideal weight: Weight loss begins in your head

No rigid control

Avoid over-zealous self-control and only weigh yourself once a week. Anything more will lead to frustration. Have you vowed to never eat chocolate again? Or did you want to only drink mineral water? Such promises do more harm than good. Eventually, you will become weak and give in, namely in large quantities. And that creates frustration and feelings of guilt. Moderate and manageable approaches are better, such as “I will allow myself one bar of chocolate per week (and not per day)”; or “If I eat a piece of cake, then I will ride my bicycle for one half hour longer.” And stay flexible. You might over-indulge one day, but that’s all right. If this happens, take more care the next day.