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Make a Plan and Have Fun

Exercise or physical activity should be fun. If you’re enjoying these activities, you will have no trouble sticking to your plans.

How to start? Make plans, put exercise appointments in your schedule, set reminders. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily will bring health benefits for better tomorrow.

Easy fun ways to make it an enjoyable time:

image1 See it as an opportunity not a chore Choose an activity that you like doing – dancing, swimming or Yoga. Make it a social activity – exercise with friends. Find an exercise buddy so that you can motivate each other. Make it fun – add variety, set challenges, join a team or club. Give yourself a challenge by trying a new activity, Increase activity time and intensity gradually. Be patient, the results will come. Taking shortcuts will defeat your efforts.

Wellness tips!

If you want to look good, feel good. Drop some of that excess weight, increase your fitness level.