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Making a Fresh Start – New Year

he New Year is a time when many of us are looking for a fresh start and making resolutions to improve our health and wellness in the year to come. Start with small changes that you can sustain and continue to build on them throughout the year. If you are looking to shed a few pounds or increase your energy levels, here are five simple tips to get you started: Making a Fresh Start – New Year 1. Start your day with a great breakfast.Breakfast is important in helping to boost your energy levels and maintaining a healthy weight. Aim to get at least five to ten grams of fibre at breakfast and eat from three different food groups. Don’t forget to balance it with some protein to help keep you full longer. 2. Eat at regular intervals. Having three smaller meals and small snacks prevents you from being as hungry and overeating. It also helps to balance your blood sugars and keep your energy levels up. 3. Aim for 5-10. Most Canadians are not getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and are a powerhouse for nutrients. Aim to get a rainbow of colours throughout the day as different colours contain different nutrients and antioxidants. Incorporate fruit for breakfast and take them as snacks throughout the day. At lunch and dinner, fill half your plate with vegetables. 4. Indulge in moderation. While there is nothing wrong with a treat now and then, enjoy in moderation. If you have a hard time controlling portions, try a 100 calorie snack like NESTLÉ SINGLES chocolates, or enjoy a smaller piece of your favourite dish less often. Remember, all foods fit, but moderation is the key! 5. Every step counts! Wearing a pedometer is a great way to track your level of activity and can encourage you to take more steps. Aim for 10,000 steps a day, but increase gradually. Incorporate activities that you enjoy into your schedule or get a buddy to help motivate you.