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Mouth-watering mineral water based drinks

Mineral water is the very best thirst quencher, but sometimes we want a little bit extra in terms of variety of flavour. Delicious fruit juice spritzers or tea-based drinks provide refreshing alternatives to mineral water. We share with you mouth-watering drinks which guarantee something for everybody as occasional flavoursome highlights.

Sip by sip enjoyment – refreshing drinks

Mineral water, tea and juices

Mineral water is the drink of choice for many people, but unsweetened fruit infusions or herbal teas are also ideal thirst-quenchers. These drinks have the advantage of containing no calories at all and mineral water, Nestlé PURE LIFE for example, also provides our body with important minerals such as sodium, magnesium and calcium. Looking for a change to water and the like? Try fruit juice spritzers with a mixture of 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. Fruit juices taste delicious and provide many vitamins. However, they also contain calories in the form of natural fructose or added sugar. For that special freshness kick, and to save calories, it is recommended that you mix the juices with sparkling mineral water.

Mouth-watering mineral water based drinks

Sip by sip enjoyment – refreshing drinks Are you looking for recipe ideas for refreshing drinks? We have some fantastic tips ready for you. Our drink recommendations can be occasionally enjoyed in the place of traditional thirst quenchers such as water and the like. They are delicious alternatives and bring a bit of excitement to your daily drinking habits. Nevertheless, water and unsweetened teas are still the first choice for balancing your daily fluid levels. Do you love the taste of elder? Then the “apple-elder drink” could be just the thing for you – enriched with citrus fruits and mint, it is a real refresher. Wonderfully exotic is the “symphony in pink” punch: it is served with fruity grapefruit, aromatic strawberries and lemon balm. Or why not try the “shaker limo”? The taste of ginger, lemon and mint will enchant you!

  • Apple-elder drink
  • Symphony in pink
  • Shaker limo

Sip by sip enjoyment – refreshing drinks

Something refreshing with tea

Delicious drinks similar to shakes can be mixed based on tea. With their thick consistency, they are more similar to small snacks and are therefore not suitable as pure thirst quenchers. But a delicious shake is something you can happily indulge in occasionally. Why not try a fruit cocktail? Peppermint tea mixed with raspberries and a pear give this chilled tea its special character. In a cherry lassi, cherries meet spicy chai tea. The extravagant mix of fruit and spiced tea make this drink irresistible.

  • Fruit cocktail
  • Cherry lassi

Spicy vegetable drinks

Refreshing delights can also be conjured up with various types of vegetable. “Rosso verde”, for example, combines tomatoes, avocado and lemon with mineral water. Gherkin, dill and Tabasco share the honours in the “gherkin drink” – a sensational taste experience!

  • Rosso verde
  • Gherkin drink