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Natural fat burners

In order to burn fat, our metabolisms need different “igniters.” These “fat burners” include, for example, hormones and food ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins. All of these substances are supposed to accelerate the burning process. However, the scientific evidence for this effect is lacking in most cases. These substances do keep the burning process in motion. But a higher dose does not mean that they fuel the burning process more.

Natural "fat burners" – eating right and exercising

An important “fat burner”

As a dietary supplement or in food, “fat burners” are meant to just melt away the love handles. In the media, some substances appear specifically often as “fat burners”.

Here are some important “fat burners”:

  • The protein L-carnitine is used, for example, to transport fatty acids to be burned. However, our bodies can produce L-carnitine by themselves with the help of vitamin C and the protein building blocks methionine and lysine.
  • The trace element iodine in the thyroid is used to produce hormones, which are involved (among other things) in breaking down fat.
  • The mineral calcium appears to counteract excessive fat storage.

Food chosen properly

Instead of focusing on individual “fat burners,” it is better to focus on a balanced, calorie-conscious diet. In doing so, the Nutritional Pyramid and the Nestlé nutrition coach will help you. Plant foods (products made from wholegrain, fruits and vegetables as well as pulses and potatoes) should be the focus. Meat, poultry and fish in moderation serve as high quality protein sources, just like milk and dairy products. Important: Save on fat where possible Natural "fat burners" – eating right and exercising

You need to drink plenty of liquids if you are losing weight!

In order to discard the substances from the fat breakdown, the body needs at least 2.5 litres of liquid per day. Quench your thirst with mineral water, unsweetened fruit or herbal tea or vegetable juices and diluted fruit juices. These drinks are not only calorie-free or low-calorie, but, as a “stomach-filler,” they also provide a feeling of satiety.

Exercise brings blessings

Eating healthily and being active – you’ve got to do both: Exercise to boost your muscle mass and increase your energy consumption. A well-exercised muscle will also burn fat particularly well. For example, if you jog for half an hour three times a week, you will burn up at least an additional 600 kcal. Thus, sports are the best “fat burners”. Our calorie-burning calculator tells you exactly how many calories you burn doing specific activities.