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Nutrients For Beauty

It isn’t just someone’s charisma that makes them beautiful. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are also important. Bear in mind these lifestyle choices, and you can look forward to healthy and beautiful skin, fingernails and hair, and a healthy weight. Read about the foods and the nutrients they contain that can promote internal and external beauty.


Nutrients for healthy skin

Would you like to do your skin a favour? Then put your faith in foods which contain vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that for it to be effective, it is essential to prepare and eat with food that contains some fat. Butter, margarine, egg yolk and milk all contain the vitamin, for example. Crisp carrots, succulent green cabbage and delicious spinach are also rich in vitamin A. They contain a large amount of beta-carotene in particular, which our bodies convert into of vitamin A. Beta-carotene also has an antioxidant effect, meaning it can eliminate free radicals, which damage cells. Scientists at the Universities of St. Andrews and Bristol have recently discovered that specific plant substances called carotenoids, which include Beta-carotene (found for example in broccoli, red peppers, Brussels sprouts, spinach, apricots, grapefruit, papaya and hen’s eggs), can contribute to even skin tone and a healthy appearance. Eating vegetables containing carotenoids can help to give the skin a natural, slightly tanned complexion. Other contributors to healthy skin are foods containing niacin (a B vitamin) – lean meat, fish and milk contain large amounts of this vitamin and bread, cakes, pastries and potatoes also provide it.

Nutrients for beautiful fingernails and hair

Strong, healthy fingernails and attractive hair – who doesn’t want that? Of course, a good beauty routine is a must, but important nutrients can also help. Did you know that vitamins B1 and B2 are beneficial for nails and skin? Sources of vitamin B1 include pork, plaice, tuna, oat flakes, pulses such as beans and lentils, and potatoes. Vitamin B2 is mainly to be found in milk and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs and wholegrain products, as well as vegetables such as chard, Brussels sprouts and rocket. If you want to benefit from these vitamins, it is important that, when preparing the food, it is only heated for as long as necessary: these two vitamins are very sensitive to heat and incorrect preparation can mean that a lot of the goodness from these vitamins is lost. You can cook the food especially gently using steam or simply sauté it. Help yourself to raw fruit and vegetables more often. EATING FOR Beauty

Food for a slim figure

A balanced and varied diet that follows the Nutrition Pyramid can be crucial to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Use the “5-a-day” motto as a guide – eat 2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of vegetables every day. This is because fruit and vegetables contain comparatively few calories. Opt for wholegrain products as well if possible. They are high in fibre and can help stimulate bowel action and contribute naturally to regulated digestion. Don’t forget to drink of course: at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day. The best thirst quenchers are mineral water, unsweetened teas and fruit juice spritzers made with 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. Drinking regularly is especially important when losing weight, as the body needs fluids to be able to excrete waste products.