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Outsmarting hunger

Is it really possible to outsmart hunger? Sometimes there are some very simple things which allow us to forget our hunger, such as a stroll through town or speaking to a close friend on the telephone. We can also feel full quicker when we are consciously enjoying our food and watching out for our body’s signals. Certain foods are more efficient at filling you up.

Outsmarting hunger

Allow time just to enjoy

We have almost forgotten how to actively enjoy our food. Enjoyment means calm and concentration – two things which are often missing from our hectic and fast-moving lives. Take the time more often to just enjoy – using all your senses. If you take time to eat, you often get by with less and can recognise your body’s signals. It’s only 15 to 20 minutes after starting to eat that the brain sends out signals to say we are full. So eat slowly and chew more thoroughly: between 20 and 30 times for each mouthful. Outsmarting hunger

Tricks to combat hunger

High-fibre foods such as wholegrain bread, cereals, wholegrain noodles and brown rice, vegetables, salad and fruit are the most efficient at filling you up. They fill the stomach and stay there longer than low-fibre foods – this satisfies your appetite. In addition, fibre ensures a constant blood sugar level and thus prevents attacks of ravenous hunger. Our tricks to combat hunger:

  • eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day
  • eat plenty of wholegrain products
  • use smaller plates – in this way even small portions have a big impact
  • make a shopping list, so that you only buy what you really need
  • don’t go shopping on an empty stomach – you won’t be tempted and will buy smaller quantities

Outsmarting hunger

Drinking is filling

Liquid fills the stomach and a glass of mineral water such as Nestlé PURE LIFE before mealtimes takes away the initial hunger pangs. But be aware of the calorie content in drinks. Thirst quenchers that are high in calories don’t give you the right feeling of being full. They make a significant difference to your energy balance. Ideal low-calorie or calorie-free drinks include:

  • mineral water
  • unsweetened fruit and herbal teas
  • fruit and vegetable juices diluted with water