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Apple Butterflies

These cute critters are easy to make, with no cooking or baking required. They’re also a smart way to convince kids that eating veggies and fruit is fun.

Preparation Time

10 Minutes


4 people


  • Take 4 plates and spoon 2 tablespoons of peanut butter onto middle of each one.
  • Shape the peanut butter into a little mound. Place 1 baby carrot down centre of each mound.
  • Place 2 thin strips of celery (about 2” long) at the top of each carrot, to make the butterfly’s ‘antennae’.
  • Take a large apple, cut it into 4 quarters and remove the core.
  • Cut each apple quarter into 7 thin slices; cut 1 of these slices in half crosswise.
  • Place 3 apple slices on each side of the baby carrot near the top, to make the upper ‘wings’.
  • Place 1 half-slice on each side of the baby carrot near the bottom, to make the ‘lower wings’.
  • Decorate the wings with raisins, nuts, puffed rice or NESTLÉ SMARTIES (optional).

Recommended serving size: 1 butterfly