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If you care about wellness then you have come to the right place. Our bodies only need a certain amount of nutrients through food and drink, and we need to keep moving to keep up with our busy lives. The South African Food-based Dietary guidelines have excellent tips to help you and your family down your exciting wellness journey:

  • Enjoy a variety of foods – select foods from all of the circles and eat these daily. Try to vary your selection and the colour of food on your plate. E.g. have spinach, carrots, tomatoes and beetroot on your plate.
  • Make starchy foods part of most meals – this is where you get most of your energy for the day. Choose whole grain starchy foods like whole grain maize meal, bread and pastas over refined white grains.
  • Be active! – do at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week. This can include brisk walking, running, cycling, going to the gym, household chores, as well as mowing the lawn.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit every day – include 5 vegetables and fruit daily (3 vegetables and 2 fruits).
  • Eat dry beans, split peas, lentils and soya regularly – these can be eaten instead of chicken and meat products for energy and growth.
  • Have milk, maas or yoghurt every day – these foods are good for your teeth and bones and help to keep them healthy.
  • Fish, chicken, lean meat or eggs can be eaten daily – choose lean cuts of meat, trim off the visible fat and remove the skin before cooking.
  • Drink lots of clean, safe water – depending on your activity levels, aim for ±8 glasses of water or unsweetened beverages.
  • Use fats sparingly, choose vegetable oils rather than hard fats – avoid adding additional fat to foods. Use a little soft margarine on bread and avoid cooking with and eating hard fats.
  • Use sugar and foods and drinks high in sugar sparingly – limit your intake of foods that contain a lot of sugar. Reduce your intake of sweetened drinks, sweets and sugar.
  • Use salt and foods high in salt sparingly – avoid adding salt to your food at the table. Reduce the amount of salt you add when cooking. Use herbs and lemon to flavour your food.

All of these need to be balanced and incorporated in our lives on a daily basis in order to achieve overall wellness. Nestlé will be there to guide you every little step of the way.