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Road Trip Snacks

Putting together some great family snacks “padkos” for a road trip takes a little effort and planning before heading to your holiday destination of choice this festive season.

Having food readily available on your trip, not only saves you time and money in the long run, but it also eliminates irregular eating times and creates nostalgic family traditions.

Below, are a few simple padkos ideas and tips for your upcoming holiday road trip.

  • If you require breakfast on the go, pack whole-wheat rolls or wraps with a boiled egg, some tomatoes and lettuce. Wrap the finished product in tinfoil for storage purposes, and unwrap one side when you are ready to eat. This will help minimise your chances of the contents landing up on the floor of your car.
  • Mid-morning nibbles could consist of fresh or dried fruit, homemade popcorn, biltong or peanut and raisin mixes. For children older than six, a great idea is to let them make their own snack necklaces the day before your trip. All you need are a few yummy items that can be threaded through some string i.e. wholegrain CHEERIOS, unsalted pretzels and dried apple pieces.
  • If you’re still in the car around lunch or dinner time, try and find a nice spot to stop, stretch your legs and take in the scenery or starry night sky – you are on holiday after all! A picnic lunch or dinner is a great idea and can give you and the kids a bit of a break. Handy pre-packed finger foods such as chicken wings and drumsticks, meatballs, fruit, mielies, mini pitas, chilled cocktail tomatoes and sweet baby carrots are also great and simple additions.

breakfast wrap


  • Try and keep to regular snacking and meal times – a cooler box full of delicious items coupled with boredom is never a good idea. If you start to feel hungry between meals, drink some water to help curb the craving and start a conversation or fun family game to keep your mind busy.
  • You may be on holiday, but remember to watch your portion sizes. Your body requires different nutrients from different food sources, so it’s important to have a mix of starches, proteins, vegetables and/or fruits at every meal, but try and eat smaller amounts of each food group. Where possible, pre-pack your meals into the correct portion sizes before you travel, to avoid over-eating while on the road.
  • To help keep food fresh throughout your journey, freeze a few bottles of water and strategically place them into your cooler box next to any dairy or fresh food items. Once you are close to your destination and the bottles have defrosted, you then have the option to drink them or use the water to wash any sticky hands or faces after meals or snacks.

picnic in the park

Lastly, when putting together your padkos, don’t forget to pack all the goodies in leak proof containers. Packing disposable cutlery along with paper serviettes and wet wipes are also a great idea. If you are going on long road trips, avoid packing food that can melt or will go off quickly.


Content provided by Naazneen Khan, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Manager at Nestlé South Africa
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