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Smart Lunchbox Ideas

  Smart Lunchbox Ideas Are you confused about what to put in your child’s lunchbox? Unsure of which snacks to pack or how to get the kids eating food that’s actually healthy for them? You’re not alone! Almost every mother has experienced some kind of lunchbox dilemma. So how do you get the kids eating a healthy lunch each day?”We do a special shop each week, where my son gets to choose (with a bit of pushing in the right direction) what he wants for lunch. He heads off with a basket and chooses his own snacks and lunches, brings them back, we decide together if they go in the trolley or back on the shelf, and why.” Wendy Kemp, QLD”We tell my son that Daddy has the same as him today and that he loves all his food. My little boy just idolises his dad!” Simone Saladi, via email”I pack dry cereal instead of chips.” Tania Thornton, NSW”Presenting vegies in nice thin strips works for my boys.” Angela Moore, via emailYou’ll find dozens more practical ideas from other mums in the February issue of Healthy Food Guide magazine, with its 18 page Back-To-School special developed by Healthy Food Guide working closely with Nestlé and UNCLE TOBYS. This isn’t your usual back-to-school special written by people who’ve never found an uneaten sandwich in the bottom of a schoolbag: these solutions come from hundreds of real mums who have learned (the hard way!) what works.There are dozens of practical tips on getting the kids to CHOOSE healthy snacks (once you know what to look for!), getting them to eat sandwiches and fruit, and other simple tricks that will make them the child in the schoolyard that all the other kids tell their mums about! The Back-to-School special also has fantastically easy recipes that turn kid’s favourites into healthy lunchbox items (like pizza, sausage rolls, cheese and ham scrolls and low-fat chocolate muffins). And finally, get the year off to an active start with practical ideas to keep the kids moving after school – you’d be surprised how easy it is when you make it fun! Go in store to get your copy of the latest issue of the Healthy Food Guide Magazine now.