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Smart Shopping and Planning

 Smart Shopping Starts From Smart Planning Healthy eating starts with great planning. Planning ahead not only benefits your health but also saves your time and money. To get excited about menu planning, get everyone in your family involved in giving suggestions and making decisions.Use the Malaysian Food Pyramid as a guide when planning. Always refer to the food pyramid to ensure that your list is well planned with a wide variety of healthy food choices. When shopping, bring the list and stick to it!Be a Wise ShopperReading food labels is important when you shop as you are able to compare the nutrition information of the food before you buy. This action helps you to identify which are higher or lower in certain nutrient. Always refer to column per 100g or 100ml when you make comparisons between products. Also, look at the serving size as you may also obtain info on number of servings per package. Easy Tips! Always plan your menu ahead, remember to check out the nutrition label and compare the nutritional content of different brands based on 100g or 100ml.