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Spring clean your winter eating habits

Winter has come and gone and as we move in to the first days of spring, so too should our diets change.

Below are a couple of helpful tips which can put you on the right track when it comes to spring cleaning your winter eating habits.


Eat for the season – it’s good for you and your wallet:

Arguably the best way to spring clean your winter eating habits is to eat food that is in season as it is cheaper and more readily available.

In addition, fruit and vegetables that are picked and eaten at their peak generally have more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compared to those which were harvested before they were ripe, and then transported long distances to get to your local grocery store.

Keep a look out for these in-season vegetables and fruits:

  • Spring fruit include – bananas, strawberries, avocados, papaya, sweet melon and pineapples.
  • Spring vegetables include – asparagus, baby marrows, mielies, pumpkin, watercress, kale spinach and aubergines.


Pack away the winter recipes:

Just as the types of food you eat should change from season to season, so too should the way in which you eat and prepare them. Now is the time to pack away the recipes for all those hot stews, pies, gravies, heavy pasta dishes and puddings and start looking up recipes for lovely, light and nutritious meals for the warmer months.

For example, crunchy, fresh and tasty salads should be right at the top of your list alongside chilled soups such as ginger and carrot soup.

When preparing your salads try and make your own salad dressing – a teaspoon of honey, olive oil and balsamic makes delicious dressing and is cost effective too.

Instead of frying your foods in oil, rather grill them. Grilled fish and chicken make wonderful light meals and are a fantastic addition to any salad. Thinly grate some cucumber and mix in some plain low-fat yoghurt to make a delicious sauce for your dish, instead of using rich creamy ones.