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Super tasty and healthy – fruit

Is your baby five to seven months old? You can now feed them other foods such as cereals, vegetables, potatoes, meat and fruit, in addition to breast or infant milk. Start by introducing complementary food in small steps. Mashed carrots are a good place to start because they have a slightly sweet taste. If your child doesn’t like a pure carrot mix, you can also mix some mashed fruit into it.

Super tasty and healthy – fruit

A fruit improves iron absorption

From the fifth to seventh month the nutrients in milk are no longer enough. In particular, your baby now needs a larger amount of iron. Meat provides a good source of iron for blood formation. The vitamin C in fruit strengthens your child’s immune system and also improves the absorption of iron from vegetables and cereals. This is very important if you are choosing a vegetarian diet for your child. In this case, use an iron-rich wholegrain cereal such as oats rather than meat in the purée. To improve the absorption of iron from vegetarian ready meals, simply feed your baby ½ a jar of a fruit food that contains a lot of vitamin C, e.g. NESTLÉ ALETE Milder Baby-Apfel [Mild Baby Apple]. Super tasty and healthy – fruit

Cereal and fruit baby food from the 7th month

Our “Nutrition plan for the first year” article will tell you when exactly you should feed your baby a certain baby food. From the 7th month you can replace the afternoon breast or bottle feed with a milk-free cereal and fruit baby food containing natural fruit sugars. Fruits with no added sugar, e.g. as in the “ALETE” range, don’t taste quite as sweet and your baby gets used to the natural taste of fruit.

You can buy ready-made cereal and fruit baby food or make it yourself, e.g. from:

  • 2 tablespoons (20g) cereal flakes
  • 90g water
  • 100g fruit, e.g. NESTLÉ ALETE Beeren-Früchte in Apfel [Berries with Apple]
  • 1 teaspoon (5g) oil

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of processed and home-made baby food in our article “Home-made or Ready-made? Super tasty and healthy – fruit

Fruit can improve digestion

Does your baby have digestive problems? A breastfed infant can have a bowel movement several times a day or only once a week – both are normal as long as your baby is cheerful. Do you feed your baby infant milk? If their stools are hard, it could mean that you have not used enough water when preparing the milk. Please follow the preparation instructions exactly and under no circumstances reduce the amount of water suggested. If the stool remains hard you can give additional fluid from the age of 5 months, e.g. in the form of unsweetened herbal or fruit teas such as ALETE Bio-Fennel or Bio-Kräuter-Tee [Bio-Herbal Tea[. Before the 5th month tea supplements should only be given in exceptional circumstances, e.g. an increased need for fluid due to diarrhoea, extreme heat or fever. After the 4th month fruits that have a softening effect on stools are also helpful, e.g. NESTLÉ ALETE Saftige Birnen mit Apfel [Juicy Pears with Apple]. You can find information about the loosening effect on stools on the label of ready-made baby food.

Massage encourages digestion

Your baby’s digestion can also be stimulated using baby massage. Using the flat palm of your hand to massage the stomach clockwise around the navel can help. You should seek the advice of a paediatrician in the event of long-term toilet issues.