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Vegetables and Fruits Benefits

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide makes specific suggestions on the number of servings of vegetables and fruit you should eat each day, based on your gender and age.Table 1: Fruit & Vegetable recommendations from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide

Gender and Age

Servings (per day)

Girls & Boys aged 2-3


Girls & Boys aged 4-8


Girls & Boys aged 9-13


Females aged 14-18


Males aged 14-18


Females aged 19-50


Males aged 19-50


Females aged 51+


Males aged 51+


Liver is high in iron, but it is not recommended for pregnant women. This is because it is also very rich in vitamin A. Too much vitamin A in the diet can be harmful to the growing foetus. To help your body absorb more of the iron from your diet, try combining foods or drinks rich in vitamin C with foods rich in non-haem iron. Examples of foods and drinks rich in vitamin C include oranges, orange juice, strawberries, kiwi fruit, capsicum and tomatoes. Vegetables and Fruits

Iron at different stages in life

As the body grows (both in childhood and during pregnancy) it requires increasing amounts of iron to produce blood and make muscle tissue. Iron requirements are greatest during growth phases. Iron requirements are also higher in menstruating women because of monthly blood losses.

Iron calculator

To find out how much iron you have on a typical day, use our Iron Calculator.