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Berries: delicious fruits for a slim figure

Do you like all sorts of berries? Help yourself, as there are now many types of berry growing in our own backyard. They are particularly aromatic and contain important substances. Berries also fill you up but are low in calories. So you can happily eat them every day. Use berries which are as ripe and as freshly picked as possible. This is when they taste their best.

Berries: delicious fruits for a slim figure

Berries – healthy delicacies for the figure-conscious

Summer is the main season for many berries in Germany. This is when berries are available fresh from our own fields and bushes. With the exception of grapes and blackberries, berries contain on average less than 40 kcal of energy per 100 grams. They are thus included in the category of low-calorie fruits. The small aromatic fruits not only taste good, they also contain a lot of fibre. The fibre fills up the stomach and gut because it binds together so much water and thus swells up intensely. And a full digestive tract triggers a feeling of fullness. You automatically eat less and save on the calories in this way. However, fibre can help in another way to maintain weight. It has a balancing effect on the blood sugar level. Only when the blood sugar level drops does the brain send out hunger signals.

Energy and fibre in berries



Energy content in kcal per portion (125g)

Fibre in g per portion (125g)

Blackberries 55 4.0
Strawberries 40 2.0
Bilberries (blueberries) 46 6.1
Raspberries 41 5.9
Currants, red Currants, black 41 49 4.4 8.5
Cranberries 44 3.6
Gooseberries 46 3.8

Source: Die große GU Nährwert-Kalorien-Tabelle [The Large GU Nutritional Value-Calorie Chart] (Gräfe and Unzer, 2010/11) Nutritionists and health professionals recommend 30g of fibre per day. In addition to berries and other types of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products also provide plenty of fibre. Berries: delicious fruits for a slim figure

Vitamins and minerals in berries

In addition to fibre, berries also contain essential vitamins and minerals. They are especially high in vitamin C, potassium and iron. Vitamin C is important for cell protection, as it protects the blood vessels and is important for iron absorption. Together with sodium, potassium regulates the fluid balance in our body. We need it for the transmission of nerve and muscle signals. The trace element iron plays a crucial part in blood formation.

Secondary plant substances in berries

Berries also provide health-promoting secondary plant substances. These natural substances in berries give them their typical colour. But the plant also forms them to protect itself from pests and disease. The most important secondary plant substances in berries are the carotinoids and the polyphenols. Scientists believe that carotinoids strengthen the immune system, protect the skin and mucus membranes and may even be able to prevent some types of cancer. The polyphenols also provide protection against certain types of cancer. The polyphenols can also contribute to preventing cardiovascular diseases, cell damage, infections and inflammation. Berries: delicious fruits for a slim figure

Berries: A pleasure to eat in many different ways

Berries taste splendidly refreshing on hot summer days. Whether as a low-calorie snack or dessert, fresh and pure, in muesli combined with cereals and low-fat milk, processed into juice or in a mixed milk drink, as a purée, compote or in red fruit jelly – berries are unbelievably versatile. Berries also taste wonderful as a fruit cocktail or in a fruit salad.

To store berries

Fresh berries taste the best. Keep intact fruit in the fridge for up to two days. To do this, pack the unwashed berries in pouches with pinholes, plastic containers or in a bowl or on a plate covered with foil. These small fruits are also suitable as accompaniments or cake fillings. Simply prepare a delicious muffin dough and place it in mini-muffin moulds. The muffins are then a snack which you can enjoy now and again, for example with a cup of instant NESCAFÉ Gold. We have put together some berry recipes for you which will surely have you licking your lips in anticipation: Berry Cocktail Thick Quark noodles with Strawberry Sauce Orange and Cranberry Dip