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Women’s Day

If you ate lighter at breakfast, ate early in the morning or even skipped breakfast in the morning, you’re more likely to feel mid-morning hunger pangs before lunch. Eat a low-GI breakfast to release energy in a more balanced way so you are fuller for longer.

A breakfast meal literally breaks your overnight fast, so what you choose to eat at breakfast is important because breakfast improves alertness, concentration, mental performance and memory. At Nestlé, we recommend that you start your day with a varied balanced meal making sure that whole grain is an important part of it.

Grains are considered ‘whole’ if they contain all three edible and nutritious parts of the grain:

  • The endosperm: This forms the biggest part of the cereal grain. Its main component is carbohydrates. It is the reserve on which the young plant lives until it has developed a root system. The endosperm is the part of the grain milled to make white flour.
  • The Germ: This is the embryo or plant organ from which a new plant develops. The germ is present in whole grain flour; white flour does not contain the germ.
  • The bran: This is the outer layer of the grain. It protects the seed. The bran is rich in fibre. Whole grain flour contains the bran, but white flour does not.

Cereal bowl

Whole grains are a rich source of fibre and minerals. Unlike refined grains, nothing has been taken away. When in doubt, the simplest thing is to check the ingredients list on the label – look for the word “whole”. Any grain that is described as whole, e.g. whole meal, whole grain wheat, whole grain rice, will contain the whole grain kernel.

Overall, studies show that consuming two to three servings of whole grain foods per day will provide health benefits, possibly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity.

With time constraints as a result of juggling work, children and other commitments, most women today just don’t have time for breakfast. Many of us women don’t feel we can stomach a big breakfast first thing in the morning. But never has it become more critical to eat a healthy, wholesome breakfast with the right amount of nutrients and energy you need during the day.
Whole grain breakfast bowls
Grab a whole grain cereal and celebrate your body this Women’s Day with a delicious breakfast cereal from Nestlé’s product range. Remember, wherever you see the bold, bright green banner with the whole grain tick on our cereal packs, you can be sure the cereal contains at least 8g of whole grain in each serving.

Your day Without breakfast With breakfast
Symptoms Decrease of sugar levels in the blood Restoration of sugar levels in the blood
Feeling dizzy Feeling dynamic and full of energy
Feeling hungry Feeling full and satisfied
Slow metabolism and calorie burning Improves the body’s ability to burn calories
Body doesn’t respond to the diet Body is responsive to the diet
Overeating without controlling quality and quantity Controls the appetite, the quality and quantity of food eaten
Digestive problems and constipation Improves digestive process
Outcomes Inadequate nutrition (lack of minerals and vitamins) Balanced nutrition
Weight loss not achieved Successful weight loss
Feeling of failure and not wanting to contienue Feeling proud and wanting to move forward


Content provided by Naazneen Khan, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Manager at Nestlé South Africa
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